The Background Street Crosser (abbreviated as BGSC) is an unnamed minor character in CliffSide.


He appears in "Pilot", he as his name describes, was trying to cross the street only to get mauled by a wendigo. He would later appear crossing the street again, with Death Itself instantly tossing him away.


The Background Street Crosser is a skinny tall man with a long red nose, black hair, and light tanned skin.

He wears a brown cowboy hat, a long-sleeved purple coat, a collared dark green vest, black pants, brown boots, and carries a revolver held in his holster.


Background Street Crosser: [crossing the street] Oh, don't mind me, just moseying along! [Creature pounces] Ooo! [in pain] Ahh! Oh my!!!!

Background Street Crosser: Don't mind me, just crossin' the stre-[thrown away by Death] Whoops! There I go.


  • He looks exactly like Jesse Lankman, but unlike the former, the latter wears a black cowboy hat, a long-sleeved gray coat, a collared purple vest, and black boots.



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