• RGL Victor The Great

    Pilot Reaction

    September 5, 2018 by RGL Victor The Great

    I really liked it overall to the point I even wanted make a wiki for that. I'm gonna just put the things I like to point out.

    • The content use of the creator's other work using the wendigo model from Let's Split Up, had me wondering if this show is connected to that or share the same universe and maybe give a boost in the future when LSU gets its own episode.
    • The claims and fails of Waylon. Though the claims is kinda annoying overtime, the fails sorta compensate for that, so not a bad trade.
    • Jo, the badass and much more competent "partner" of the MC. I like her, the "silenced" shotgun part, I mean where were the sounds and where the shotgun came from, the only other firearm I see in the show, must be quite a rare item. She sees something flying…
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