Blueberry Bill is an unseen character in CliffSide.


Blueberry Bill and Waylon attempted a train heist to steal a mysterious crate. When the heist went wrong, Blueberry left his son behind as bait to escape, stealing the crate himself. Upon capture, Waylon bore the full brunt of the punishment for his father's crimes, though too young to be hanged at the gallows, was instead exiled to CliffSide.[1]


Blueberry Bill was a notorious outlaw, as well as manipulative and reprehensible, using Waylon's need for validation to put his son in extremely dangerous situations for his personal gain.[1]


Blueberry Bill is a burly man with a big nose, brown mustache, and fair skin.

He wears a big black hat that would conceal his eyes, a red scarf, dark brown vest, red shirt, brown gloves, brown belt with a golden buckle, dark brown pants, and dark brown boots.

He carries with him his signature bag of blueberries.


  • He was written out of "Pilot" and is likely no longer canon. His possible replacement is another family member of Waylon's who is also an outlaw.[1]



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