CliffSide, Yosemite Valley, California[1] is a fictional town and the main setting of the series.


The town is situated within Yosemite Valley.[1][2] To its proximity is Yosemite Falls and beyond the monster-infested forest is the railway.



CliffSide Saloon V2

Located at front left, it is a place where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk. This place is owned by Jo's father and is also where the trio work and live.[3]


Located at third to the left, this where Cordie (and Waylon) made her outlaw debut and first bank robbery only to surrender to Jo moments later.

Clock tower

Located past the other structures, it tells the time and will ring at high noon.


Main article: Cliffside Gazette

The town has it's own newspaper company called Cliffside Gazette which was established in 1840 and its newspapers costing only 2 bits (25¢) a piece.


S1E01 This is CliffSide

Population: 21

The town is mostly populated by adult males, along with two minors namely Waylon and Jo (excluding Cordie; who appears to be the only known female). Monsters living inside the town[src] are left unaccounted.


The town is headed by a sheriff with no mention of a mayor and for unknown reasons, anarchy seems to be a prevalent problem. Before Death, the town had a measly population, life expectancy was at an all-time low, and the town was vulnerable to outsiders even under Reverend Constance and the previous sheriff.


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