Death (addressed as Death Itself) is the main antagonist of CliffSide.


He is mysteriously quiet and laid-back, however is filled with malice. It is revealed that he holds a grudge against Waylon and ironically, seems to have preference of less work and less death.


He wears a typical grim reaper's black robe with an "X" on its hood that appears to have teeth around the edges and infested with flies. His arms are skeletal, tend to supernaturally shift to multiple directions, and are often animated with 3D CGI rather than the show's typical 2D animation.


  • Death Embodiment: An inconceivably powerful being, Death Itself is both lord and personification of all death. He is literally capable of performing all Death-based Abilities at his disposal.
  • Amortality: Death Itself cannot die, since he is not truly alive to begin with.
  • Reality Warping: Death Itself is capable of altering reality to his liking, even clocks move backwards.



  • Arms: They are his supernatural tools, of which it has plenty to go around. It can be lent to, and wielded by other users as well.[1]


  • Scythe: A typical weapon for a grim reaper, though not an important weapon.[1]



S1E01 Death and Yannis fist pound

Doing a fist pound with Yannis.

Yannis was his personal mount and friend.[2]

He appears to be very close with Yannis in a social manner, as they both do a fist pound with each other. When he and Yannis crashed, this caused him to scorn over Waylon and seek retribution upon the latter at CliffSide. He would then however, forget about the incident, when he spared Waylon and took his offer into becoming the town's sheriff.


S1E01 Tongue click

Convinced by Waylon.

He despises Waylon and desires to cut off his head.

They first meet after Waylon's escape attempt from Cordie, then he would be seen observing and lose interest in Waylon as he resisted them. In a failed attempt to kill them, he along with Yannis fell to the ground. They would meet again for the second time, as he tracks down Waylon in CliffSide, blaming him for the incident instead of Cordie (who was one the pulled them down in the first place). Waylon briefly hides from him and eventually goes for the standoff, to which Waylon immediately makes a concession by offering him the position of sheriff. Initially, he beats up Waylon, considering it as an insult. Then after some further convincing, he accepts the offer.


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