Episode 2 is an upcoming episode of CliffSide.





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TickTock Bam: This is so cringy.
Liam Vickers Animation: You think this is cringy? Wait until episode two featuring sick vape tricks, self-insert MLP OCs, and this hot new meme I found called rage faces. We're just getting started, my dude.

tiny crimester: This was really hard to sit through. What a time to be alive: a transparent harem anime written fo bronies by a brony.
Liam Vickers Animation: Just wait for episode 2 when my sonic the hedgehog OCs show up, dude. One is a half demon half princess cat and they all fall in love my with self-insert character Liam the Gunslinger. Also instead of guns and whips they all start using giant mechs that are co-piloted by hot women for some reason. The plot twist is that the only way to save CliffSide is to date one of the girls. It's a bold narrative choice that I really think will win over the naysayers.


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