Jo Constance[1] is the tritagonist of CliffSide.


Jo is an apathetic, fearless, and mysterious girl, who generally dons a vapid look expression that only seems to change on certain situations, like when Waylon got involved in a bank robbery. She would also speak in a southern accent when angry.

Unlike Waylon, she excels in handling firearms and has a rather undeniable charisma.


Jo has a skinny upper body and thick lower body with short black hair and light tanned skin.

She wears a dark brown long-sleeved shirt with brown frills, dark brown frilled shorts, held by a brown belt, and dark brown boots.

Alternate version

Honest Pinecone

In Waylon's brief fantasy, she is Two-Bit Pinecone's partner wearing a cowgirl hat and a purple scarf, and would immediately be revealed that she had defected to Sheriff Pinecone during stand-off between the two.


Reverend Constance

She has a loose relationship with her father who really can't connect with her,[1] but is obedient enough to fetch Waylon for him.


S1E01 Waylon pokes Jo

Are they really friends?

She seems to be acquainted and close with Waylon (due to being a fellow watchman and her dad), but nevertheless they are unlikely to be friends.

She also seems to care less to whatever he says or does for her, like warning her about an attack from a monster and dragging her away from danger. When Waylon took credit from her kills and gets mauled by two monsters, admitting he was wrong and begging for help, she just stands and watch at him. While watching over the train, she disproves him as he was slacking off the job. Waylon, in return, gives an impression of him which left her unhindered and made the situation only awkward. She immediately leaves Waylon on his own advising to at least pretend as he's doing his job. She didn't seem to care, when Waylon went missing after that.

When they meet again at the bank robbery with Cordie, Waylon's very presence changed her expression and accent (in a bad way). Regardless of his actions, she still went easy on him and allied herself with him against Death Itself in a standoff, to which she was unimpressed and disappointed with Waylon's move on Death as he hadn't learn a thing from his mistakes. She would later admit that she was impressed with Waylon's achievement (also somewhat envying it) and their relationship barely improved.


She seems to get along well with Cordie. They were initially enemies during the bank robbery and immediately became allies, during and after the standoff with Death Itself. When Cordie volunteers after she forced Waylon to volunteer to stand watch, she declines but lets Cordie follow her.


Waylon: Ah, Jo! Watch out!
Monster: [Roars and throws blade cutting Jo's hair]
Jo: Scary.

Jo: [surprised to see Waylon, then eyedscreen] Waylon.
Waylon: [troubled] Eeehehe... Oh God.
Jo: [southern accent] Wut in TARNATION is goin' on?
Waylon: Oh God, she's gone southern.
Cordie: Hey! Lay off my partner! [eyedscreen] I once shot a man just fer l-[eyedscreen interrupted Jo]
Cordie: [surrenders] Oh my God, yes of course. So sorry.

Waylon: Yer darn right I saved the town! Woooo!!!!!
Jo: I wish I got more credit for things I broke and then barely fixed. Now who wants to stand watch?
Waylon: Are you kidding me?! I'm way too cool for that now-[hit by Jo] Ow. I do.
Cordie: Me too! I once looked at something and only lost focus for THREE HOURS!
Jo: Spider girl isn't coming.
Cordie: Hey Jo, by the way, if the sheriff position was open... what happened to the sheriff before Death?
Jo: I dunno. Shot. Bandits probably. Culprit was never caught.


  • She is the first and only main character to have an established surname so far.


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