Reverend Constance[1] is an unseen character in CliffSide.


He has yet to physically appear. but was briefly mentioned by her daughter being told to fetch Waylon.

He is the owner of the town's saloon and is the employer of trio who work and live there.[2]


He is the town's feared and revered minister who rules with an iron fist and has a very backward view (punishing individuals with witch trials, stonings, burnings, etc.) but is a total spineless wimp around his daughter who he can't really "connect with".[1]


  • He had a role in earlier drafts of the pilot script and animatics, having a father/daughter bonding arc with Jo, but was steadily written out from the episode entirely.[1]
  • He has been stated by Liam Vickers to condemn people to witch trials, even though people in real life stopped believing in witches centuries prior to when the show takes place.


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