Wendigos are self-replicating monsters from the surrounding areas of CliffSide.


Not much is known about them, as one wendigo alone attacked CliffSide and replicated itself in order to attack the populace all at once. Some of the wendigos were killed in action and the survivors' whereabouts are yet unknown.


The wendigo is a shadowy figure with a comparable height to that of a human, large glowing eyes, a glowing mouth, claws on both arms and legs, a lion-like tail, and a pair of antlers protruding from the top of its head.

Powers and abilities

Though they have no real intelligence,[1] they appear to be capable of human speech as one overheard Waylon's voice over and can replicate itself into several wendigos. It also has a sharp blade on the tip of its tail which detaches and launched as a throwing weapon similar to a shuriken.


Narrator: This is "CliffSide," a lawless town ruled by only the most ruthless, Johnny Law evandin'-est, no good horse spookin'-est, dastardly of the dastardly. Aka...
Waylon: My voice over.
Monster: [overhears] What? Did- Did somebody say something?
Waylon: N-
Monster: Something about a voice over?
Waylon: Not me!
Narrator: [eyedscreen] It was me! I'm Two-Bit Jerry! A gunslinger and an outlaw! [end eyedscreen] So begone monster! Back to the cliffs with ya!


  • They and Yannis are the only characters with a leitmotif.
  • In the script, they were originally called "Shadow Creatures", but then changed to Wendigos as being prescribed by the fans, which Liam went along with the label.[1]

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