Yannis is a minor character in CliffSide.


Yannis is a bratty, sadistic, and cruel pterosaur. She is selfish and a hypocrite, she gets what she wants regardless of the rules as long it is to her benefit.


Yannis is a pterosaur with dark olive scales, olive stripes, a head that appears to be hollowed, and yellow green eyes.


Death Itself

S1E01 Death and Yannis fist pound

Doing a fist pound with Death.

She is Death's personal mount and friend.[1]

She appears to be very close with Death Itself in a social manner, as they both do a fist bump with each other.

Waylon and Cordie

S1E01 Yannis about to drop

Her attempt on getting rid of the pests.

She dislikes both Waylon and Cordie, considering the two as pests despite having been acquainted with Cordie in the past.
 Upon seeing that Cordie had captured something other than flies as prey (Waylon), Yannis demanded her to give him to herself instead. Waylon, protesting the notion of being eaten, throws a rock at Yannis' right eye. Surprised and angry, Yannis loses interest in eating Waylon and decides to drop the two to their deaths instead.

Cordie manages to shoot a rope of web to stick onto Yannis' belly however, slowing both her's and Waylon's descent enough to reach the ground safely. Yannis' plan ends up backfiring as the force exerted from Cordie's web pulls her down and causes her to impact the ground at high speeds, presumably killing her.


Yannis: I think I like you two much better as PUDDLES!


  • She and Cordie are the only characters with colored eyes.
    • They are also the only characters that can understand Death's language.
  • According to Liam Vickers, Yannis is a modern ancestor of pterodactyls, technically a pterosaur.[2]
  • She and the Wendigos are the only characters with a leitmotif.


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